Weekly Round-Up: December 9

A few of our favorite achievements from clients and articles we found interesting this week.


  • Melissa Stafford Joins Northwest Nursing Students to Collect Yoplait Lids for Cancer Research
  •  (23 individual achievements)
  • Biola Student Lydia Ness Publishes a Book on the Dominican Republic (11 individual achievements)
  • Kate Rademan Traveled to Joplin to Provide Art Thereapy With WWU Art Club (9 individual achievements)


Is your institution preparing students for post-college success? Employers don’t think so. A survey of 1,000 employers found that less than 10 percent of them thought colleges did an “excellent” job of preparing students for work.

Tim Nekritz at SUNY Oswego (a readMedia client) conducted an interesting social media content experiment: 24 hours in photos on his campus. He share how he integrated Twitter, Dipity, Posterous, Dropbox and other tools to plan and execute the project, which resulted in a visual journal of a day on the Oswego campus.

Northwestern University’s Matthew Herek compiled a “completely unscientific list” for the CASE social media blog of the top five social media happenings in 2011, including Facebook changes and Google Plus. How have these trends impacted marketing at your university?


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